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  Welcome to Blasting Powder Wars PBEM! - GM

Welcome to the Blasting Powder Wars!. The game setting is a Steampunk Fantasy as described below. The rolling convention is based on a die ten and using a keep system. For example: Roll five ten sided dice and keep the top two numbers (5k2). In most situations a ten showing die will explode meaning you get to roll the die again and add it to the total: For example: 5k2 = 1, 3, 2, [10], [5], {5} These are the values of your rolls. You keep the last two and roll the ten again for a total of 20. This number is applied against a target number for a success or failure to be determined by the GM.

Picture a time when hydrogen filled zeplins fly the skies, aeronauts sail on hot air balloons around the world, gnome steam machines ride the rails and roads from city to city or home to work, where Psionic powers, Magical spell and Blasting Powder war against each other. Elven magic create wondrous Mana filled things, Dwarven smiths create the most powerful armor and arms (disputed by the Gnomes of course), feral Halflings live nomadic lives out on the great plains riding domesticated bipedal dinosaurs the size of draft horses. The planet is called Ursalon. The currently known and inhabited land is also called Ursalon and is divided into three parts: The Free States, United Ursalon, and the Black Lands and each are at war with the other.

The Church of the Golden Circle, controlling the lands of United Ursalon, has been given a mission by God to reclaim the lost lands and cleanse the unholy Psion, mages and demi-human races. United Ursalon is a human only land. Where anyone exhibiting unusual abilities such as psionics or magical abilities has been branded with a simple small broken circle on their foreheads and excommunicated from the Church and banished to the wilds and/or killed. The cities are very similar to cities of the early 1800 in London or Paris. There is a monarchy ruled by King Edward and Queen Mary. They are cowed by the very powerful Church. The culture is very similar to Victorian age in manner and dress. The Churches Knight roam the streets keeping order and recruiting for the front lines of the war.

The Free States are comprised of five states, each with one race, coexisting and banded together by wars: The Psions (as the branded banished humans have renamed themselves), Gnomes, Elves, Halflings and Dwarves.

The Psions live in Psioplois. Home to large and famous Psionic University. Psions change their brands to look like sun with flames when they finish training in magic or psionics. This city is similar in construction to modern cities and exhibits similar culture to Victorian age in manner and dress. Mostly Psions live in this city, however there is some of the other races living in the city as well. The city is run by an elected council of elders from all five states, while the mayor runs the daily issues. The city is surrounded my farmlands and rivers. All the children of the city have magical or psionic powers and all wear the brand. Hence the belief that they are the next evolution of Human as Psions.

The Elven nation lives in a great forest. The state is called Sylvania. The great tree city is also called Sylvania and is ruled by fair and wise king Hawkswingflight and Queen Nightsparrowsong. The Elven culture is one that lives in harmony with nature. The city is built from living trees large enough to house several hundred families. There are many bridges that link the majestic trees together. It is said you could walk for a thousand miles in a straight line and never touch the ground. The elves are long lived and very careful of speaking and communication. There culture is very similar to Japanese culture. The long lived elves are the masters of magic and have the many wizards schools. Everyone is welcome to learn to use magic if they have the aptitude except for Humans. Humans from United Ursalon hunt and kill on sight anyone from the Free States. The races from the Free States return the favor in kind. Anyone who graduate as fully trained psionistist find that they can not learn magic and visa versa with mages. There is a general hatred of humans, Psions are given a small benefit of doubt. Elves have mastered the art of derigibles, zeplins and hot air balloons.

The Dwarves and the Gnomes live in the mountain ranges called the Dragon's Spine. They have connected and share the same hollowed out mountain homes. Inside these beautifully constructed rock homes many millions of Dwarves and Gnomes live. All the homes are lining the walls of the mountain while great rock bridges span the distances between. On the floor of the great mountain homes are where the forges and smelting factories are located and where the Dwarves and Gnomes compete to prove who are the better at anything made or constructed. They both have a monarchy and King Ironhelm and Queen Mithrial rule the Dwarves and King Goldenbrow and Queen Silverhoop rule the Gnomes. They are an industrious cultures and work hard and play hard. The Dwarves are world known for there Blasting Powder weapons (pistol, rifles, cannon and bombs -- even the Church secretly covets these goods) and armor while the Gnomes are known for their steam machine engineering and tinkering. One of their better known invention is the steam engine which have been stolen by the humans and poorly reproduced. Other clockwork and steam inventions of note: Are dragonfly flyers, beatle transports and essence of steam tanks. The Dwarves and Gnomes both culturally echo the Victorian age of the humans, with more attention to practicalities than fashion.

The Halfling nation lives on the great plains. They are a feral nomadic people living like the Native American Indians. The have bred and domesticated the last dinosaurs in the world. These bipedal dinos have a look similar to the Nano-T-rex. The Halflings lead a quiet life choosing not to war until the Church tried to exterminate them. Now the Halflings, act as scouts, rangers and warriors along the boarders. The have an amazing aptitude for Psionics and are know as expert shots. They have clans, Tallfellow, Hairfoot, Stoutheart, and Ghostwise, from which a council of elders is the chief of each clan. These chiefs cannot be chosen for the Great Chief position. The Great Chief picks a young person to be trained by all the chiefs to succeed the soon to die Great Chief. This Great Chief is trained and educated in the greater world. This Great Chief is clan-less and belongs to all clans.

The Black Land contains a rift in planes which was caused by a powerful wizard during a battle with the Church. The rift is open allowing all sorts of foul and evil creatures to enter the lands. The Mana has been drained away from the land into the rift and the ground has blackend. Not much else is know of the land other than the black blight is very slowly expanding.

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