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Character levels:
1-150     1
151-250  2
251-350  3
351-450  4
451-550  5
551-650  6
651-750  7
751-850  8
851-950  9
951-1000  10

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Physical Description:
Pale white skin, Jade green eyes, Long Black hair tied back, 6'2" tall, 200lbs. Tall and thin with excellent muscle definition, Mace's body is typical of the Elven race. The long elven ears are extremely sensitive a great range of sound and their eyes can see in near dark and can see extremely long distances 4x that of a human. Mace is fond of wearing a dark green cloak and traditional earth tones of tan and brown Psion robes with knee high boots. Mace spends most of his time being a ranger along the boarder between the Church lands and the Black Lands.

 2  used 0
remaining unused pips: 1157

  Quentin Aestuo

Physical Description:
Quentin is a very remarkable figure. He does not mind standing out in a crowd, taking it as some shred of the admiration he saw in his youth. He has grown past the need for attention, maturing through his trials in the wilderness and his Psion training. He is best described as a 'ladies man', with hair prematurely greyed to a shocking, unique platinum hue. His body is lean and tightened from sparse living and hard training, although he is not that muscled. He stands tall, measured last at (six feet four inches), and the clothes he wears reflects this, loose, unrestrictive black pants with no shirt, normally, or a loose-robe-like black shirt when weather/society demands it.

 1  TNPC30
  Shadrarthryr "Shadow" Hallowblossom

Physical Description:
Shadrarthryr is elven, through and through. His body is lithe and muscled, and his ears stood tall above his black haired head and green colored eyes. Living in the human city has not been kind to him, however, as through various trials, his ears have been sliced and cut, his body has myriad scars crossing all over, and his nose, upon close inspection, healed slightly crookedly from a break. From a distance, he still looks like a normal, everyday elf, but up close, it is clear that Shadrarthryr is not to be trifled with.

 1  TNPC156
  Andwise Bolger

Physical Description:
Some might consider Andwise Bolger a short staunch fellow Among his people Andwise was considered tall, slender, and lithe. Andwise has sun bleached hair a shaggy sandy blonde that he more often than not ties in a simple tail. His sun quenched skin tells of his many years spent both hunting and later patrolling along the fringes of The Great Plains. He has a gruff voice both familiar with command and yet seemingly unfamiliar with his stature. A pair of piercing golden eyes matches perfectly the golden hue of his short cropped beard. Andwise has no visible scars preferring to keep a bows shot away from any foe. An easy grace lends itself to his movements and when kin espy Andwise they think this is one to lead. A mix of confidence, competence, and caution rest easy on his countenance, vindictiveness, anger, and wrath do not rest as lightly. Typical Dress, Andwise favors a long, padded sleeved coat with a vertical action, or pleating. From the middle of the thigh to the foot he chooses no covering for the leg. Instead he mantles himself only in his coat and a shirt dyed with saffron. His coat is sleeved only on the right side. His left arm is bare but for a dusty scarlet scaled bracer or wrist guard. He also is never seen far from his quiver, which bears the same scales as his guard.

 1  TNPC155

Physical Description:
Falminel height is 68 and weight:165 lbs. His eyes are black and skin dark blue/black Falminel is 22 years old.

 2  used 144
remaining unused pips: 152

  Thistlefire Downdraft

Physical Description:
T.F. dresses more like an aviator than anything else. He likes his big black boots, brown leather pants, white shirt, red tie, and thick brown leather bomber jacket. His skin is tan but mostly unlined, except for a small scar above his left eye, leftover from a saber duel at the university. His white hair is a stylishly spiky mess atop his head. And he usually has a pair of goggles worn across his forehead, covering his brand. His saber he carries in a hidden pocket inside his coat, and his rifle is worn slung over his back. TF height is 4'1 and weight:95 lbs. His eyes are blue and skin tan. TF is 22 years old.

 2  used 0
remaining unused pips: 190