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The Stevens family

 Pictured on the right is a aerial view of the Stevens place.
Russell, our oldest, just turned 16 and is now driving. He is playing football, soccer and track at the high school and in his free time he enjoys riding his motorcycle and having paintball wars with his buddies.
Janelle 13, is one of the star soccer players at school and in the competitive league she plays in. She has a quarter horse named Annie, Denise also has a horse and they ride together.
Ryan 4, looks forward to pre-school 3 days a week.
Some of the activities he enjoys at home are: riding his bike, hiking, horse back riding, and riding with dad on his motorcycle.
Denise now has more free time to pursue her own interest since Russell is driving. No more 3-4 hours a day driving the kids everywhere. She enjoys her flower gardens which are beautiful, but so do the deer-it is a never ending battle.

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