Redwood Lace Burl Redwood
Sequoia Sempervirens Sequoia (after the Cherokee India, Sequoyah, 1770? - 1843)
Semper/Virens - always green
Below is a spectacular specimen of redwood lace burl from one of Gary's trees.


 Redwood trees grow along or near the coast of California in a narrow strip not more than 35 miles wide and about 500 miles long, extending from 100 miles south of San Francisco to a little above the Oregon border. Single acres of redwood have been found that contained over one million board feet of lumber. Redwood is the state tree of California.

A record-size tree that was felled 7 ft. above the ground had a diameter of 26 ft., was 261 ft. to the lowest branch, and measured 380 ft. in height. When sawed into lumber, it produced 344,000 board feet.

It is at the base of these mighty trees that the rare and much sought after Redwood Lace Burl grows. This rare burl is easily identified by its rich, dark, mahogany-red color with an ever-changing velvety sheen and small-eye clusters of tight burls.