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giJ -- 15 September 2007. I've worked at Element CXI for two and a half years now. Yow. Three more trips, at least:
  • 2007 Cherry Creek. Just do a Google search for Cherry Creek August. Wow.
  • Tuolomne to Vogelsang, Evelyn Lake, Lyell Canyon. Ben's 12 now.
  • Kings Canyon in 2006 September, near Sugarloaf and Roaring River Ranger Station, up and over Avalanche Pass (just over 10000 feet) and then down down down, and down some more, down to Road's End. With gvdl and Patty. And frogs.

ehQ is the 22nd of August 2005. Man, it's been a long time since I updated this page. Sorry. Hmm, the last real TR I did was July of 2000. It's now over five years later, and I haven't been avoiding backpacking, just haven't collected writings about it here. Here's my to-do list:
  • Did two really local ones this year so far; (both of them mostly in Portola SP and Pescadero Creek area). The first was with Patty D and gvdl; she was training for a strenuous Sierra trip, and I was pretty out of shape, but we worked out ways where I could take shortcuts while gvdl and Patty took the longer route.
    The second one was with my 10-year-old nephew Ben. See my weblog entry, which points to a bunch of photos.
  • NFSJ last year, and
  • a local trip (with gvdl and William, Alpine at Page Mill, along Long Ridge, Castle Rock, and out via Sanborn).
  • a Ben HST trip. (High Sierra Trail. Nine-year-old Ben's first backpacking trip.)
  • The GCT in 2003. There are pix here, and very brief commentary.
I ought at least to write up brief TRs of those. All were memorable trips.

I've been thinking lately (bcN == 2002/3/19), about planning a "someday trip" — a big loop in the Sierra.

Eventually, all of my trip reports and a few other handy links should be here. Unfortunately, I tend to let the page molder for long periods of time.

alt.rec.hiking FAQ Here is a link to the somewhat raw-looking version of the FAQ list that I wrote up for the alt.rec.hiking newsgroup.

Here are some of my other trip reports (backpacking, day hiking, and maybe one MTB ride). Most of them are roughly as I sent them to my "no-gear" mailing list (at yahoo groups).

I also keep a few silly lists. I'll put the list of >101 uses for a bandana there one of these days.

Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links
Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links

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