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Big Loop in the Sierra

I'm thinking again about a loop route in the Sierra: most interested in the section between the southern Kennedy Meadows, and Belden or so, on the Feather River. The PCT connects these, so I'm looking for connectable routes parallel to the PCT, to turn this into one big loop. The TST goes from Glacier Point in Yosemite, south to cross the PCT near Cottonwood Lakes

Much of the TYT is parallel to but not coincident with the PCT. So, that gets you most of the way to Tahoe. The TRT goes around the other side of the Lake than the PCT; or I think there are also non-PCT ways through the Desolation Wilderness.

PCT mileages:
178 @ Walker Pass 648
Kennedy Meadows 700
JMT Jct. 761
70 @ Belden 1285

That gives you a one-way distance of 585 miles on the PCT (or 637 if you pick Walker Pass) or an imaginary 1170 or 1274 round trip except that the alternative trails will almost certainly be longer. Even at a pokey 10 miles per day average, that'd just be 127 days

Time to break out the Topo! software and plot a route.

Here's my August 2001 posting from alt.rec.hiking, with some editing, and with SPeacock's reply ...

Subject: Re: PCT, JMT, TRT, TYT, HST, SHR, TST, WST.

Ok, first, a glossary of my subject line:

Pacific Crest Trail, Mexico to Canada, mostly via the Sierra and the Cascades
John Muir Trail, Yosemite Valley to Mount Whitney, mostly co-linear with the PCT
Tahoe Rim Trail, circles the rim of the Tahoe Basin. Much of the western part coincides with the PCT.
Tahoe-Yosemite Trail, from Meeks Bay, on the northwest shore of Tahoe, to Tuolomne Meadows in Yosemite. About half is on the PCT, if I recall correctly.
High Sierra Trail, from Crescent Meadows in Sequoia Nat'l Park, across the Great Western Divide, to Mount Whitney. Short parts either cross or coincide with the PCT and/or JMT, I think.
Sierra Haute Route, Roper's mostly off-trail route from Cedar Grove, in King's Canyon Nat'l Park, partly on the PCT/JMT, and ending near the northern border of Yosemite.
Theodore Solomons Trail, from Glacier Point, in Yosemite, to Cottonwood Trailhead, just south of Mt Whitney. A lower-altitude route, parallel to the JMT, but managing to avoid ever touching it. Southern end does cross the PCT, I believe.
Western States Trail, from Tahoe City west to Foresthill.

I'm guessing that the TST is the least known of these. Guidebooks exist for many of them; I think I have ones for the PCT, JMT, TYT, SHR, and TST. (That last one is by Dennis Gagnon, and was published around 1987 by Western Tanager Press, of Santa Cruz.)

So ... my question is: does anyone have a map of the Sierra that shows all of these trails (and the approximate SHR) prominently? And/or, maybe a set of Topo! trail tracings?

As an alternative to doing the entire PCT, I thought it might be fun to do a loop -- the JMT plus the TST, for instance. And/or connect trails in the Emigrant, Carson-Iceberg, and Mokelumne Wilderness Areas to make a bigger loop that could include the TRT.

Anyone out there done something like this? -- Doug Landauer landauer@(got) dot (net)

From: SPeacock (xpeacock@...)
Subject: Re: PCT, JMT, TRT, TYT, HST, SHR, TST, WST.
Newsgroups: alt.rec.hiking
Date: 2001-08-02 00:35:48 PST

Finish the JMT with HST (doing Whitney as a dayhike from Crabtree), then loop out of BearPaw over Elizabeth Pass to Kings Canyon to Granite Basin following back via Roper/SHR trail back north....

Don't think a trail guide of HST needed. Just follow the trails specified on Tom Harrison Maps (.com)

(HST follows JMT/PCT from Wallace Creek to Crabtree and then the JMT to Whitney Portal leaving the PCT to continue on south where the TST does cross it.)

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