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Mountain Biking

Starting in 1993 or 1994 or so, I wrote up a bunch of SF Bay Area and Santa Cruz MTB trail descriptions. When Ross Finlayson set up his very well-organized MTB-oriented web site at Stanford (1995 or 1996?), I was happy to see my trail descriptions as a part of it. I haven't kept the descriptions updated.

Ross' site is now at MTB.LIVE.COM. Its name has been "The Internet's mountain bike park" for quite a while.

I also correlated, contributed to, collated, and compiled the Dictionary of Mountain Bike Slang, with a lot of help from the readers and writers of the newsgroup, back before it got moderated and then died. My version was just a plain text list, first posted to r.b.o-r in July of 1995. Jim Frost converted it to HTML and it has lived at his site, for the past several years. I made a local copy here, 19 May 2002.

Bay Area MTB Advocacy Groups

To do:

Here's a page with links to some studies on MTB impacts .
Here's a link to a San Leandro map:
Map to the MTB summit (using my_RURL macro)

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