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Radio Weblog dtws Glossary

ruwl_dtwst_gloss.txt becomes html

<%title%> Page title
<%radio.macros.weblogUrl ()%> URL to top page of weblog
<%siteName%> Goofball name. Anagram.
<%description%> Two more anagrams.
<%radio.macros.editorsOnlyMenu ("black")%> Horizontal menu of options only available to the weblogger (or other editor(s), if any)
<%radio.macros.weblogEditBox ()%> Where you makes your changes
<%radio.macros.weblogRecentPosts ()%> The most recent N (10 for me) posts you've posted. It would be nice if I could figure out how to get more control over what these look like.
<%radioBadge%> Little emblem
<%rssLink%> XML badge for RSS feed
<%year%> This year
<%authorName%> My name
<%radio.macros.getLastUpdate ()%> When the (weblog?) (or page?) was last updated
<%radio.macros.mailTo ()%> Is this the SPAM-free one? Check it out.
<%radio.macros.staticSiteStatsImage ()%> DEFN
<%navigatorLinks%> DEFN
<%radio.weblog.drawcalendar ()%> DEFN
<%radio.macros.cloudLinks ()%> DEFN
<%radio.macros.statusCenter ()%> DEFN
<%radio.macros.supportCenter ()%> DEFN

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