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At Mission City Dog Training you will learn to teach your dog basic obedience using the positive reinforcement approach. The exercises include heel, sit, stay, down, come when called and stand. Our goal is to help you to establish a close personal relationship between you and your dog.

Equipment needed is minimal—a well-fitted training collar and a sturdy six-foot leash. There is no way to give a proper correction without a good collar and leash. You will find as with all the basic training techniques, there are practical reasons why a chain-link training collar and six-foot leash are desireable. The fast effective snap and release of the collar can not be achieved with any other type of collar. The tighteneing or snap-and-release of the collar is the main physical ingredient to your dog’s training. This snap-and release is called a correction. The whole point is to get and keep your dog’s attention, and bring him into his proper position.

The command “Heel” should tell your dog where to be rather than what to do. The heel position is at your left side. Your dog will learn to remain at your side regardless of the speed that you are walking or any turns you may take. At Mission City your dog will learn to heel the Figure 8 calmly around other dogs and handlers.

When you come to a halt, your dog will learn to sit. You will learn to give him verbal and physical instruction, until he automatically sits when you come to a halt.

Stay is probably the most useful single command taught. Stay is an absolute, it means “don’t move at all from that position!”

Down is the most natural position for the dog. All we want is to teach him to do it on command.

The most important command you will teach your dog is to come when called. The command “Come” should be implanted in the dog’s mind so strong that he will repond not only under ideal conditions, but also under very adverse conditions.

The stand command is useful when your dog needs to be examined. Once your dog learns to sit when you stop, it is not difficult to teach him to stand.

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