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Walt Nagle & Jan Craine
Walt Nagle and Jan Craine started training dogs in 1962, when they obtained a dog to love and enjoy. They found that obedience training was the key to gaining their dog’s love and respect.

For five years, they learned how to train their own dogs, during which time Walt acquired various accolades in dog shows and dog obedience trails. But even more important than all the degrees and trophies was the training technique they developed and mastered over the years.

For these 35 years, Walt and Jan have devoted many thousands of hours in an effort to help people obtain these same rewards through proper dog obedience training. They formed the “Mission City Dog Training” School in 1967, in cooperation with the City of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Department of Santa Clara, California. Many thousands have learned how to train their dogs from Walt and Jan.

The training technique you will learn at Mission City Dog Training was founded upon the “Positive Approach” principle—that is the development of a proper relationship and balance between love, understanding and discipline; learning never to underestimate your dog’s ability to learn; while at the same time, accepting the responsibility for your dog’s overt behavior. This proper relationship between praise and discipline is very illusive and is present only when the owner or handler commands the respect of his dog. Your dog will respect you and please you if you are fair and just in your praise and discipline. Remember, the praise should far outweigh the discipline. As with each of us, our dogs’ are individuals and their own needs should be considered.

Walt and Jan believe that you will be proud of your dog and will obtain your dog’s respect if you follow the “positive approach” to dog obedience training that you will learn in these classes.

Members of:

  • Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  • Shiba Inu Club of America
  • Irish Setter Club of America

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